As Turquoise Yat Sanayi A.Ş. we would like to inform you on your personal information according to “Personal Data Protection Law 6698 (PDPL)” which became effective for the purpose of protecting freedoms, fundamental rights and primarily and especially the confidentiality of private life.

Your personal information is processed as long of a time it is necessary to complete the processing or time prescribed in the relative regulation within the frame of methods, supports, objectives and conditions indicated below, and all administrative and technical precautions are taken by our company for their protection. 

1. Data/Information Controller and Spokesman:

"Data/Information Controller" for your personal information received   on behalf of our company by people in charge before our subcarriers, suppliers, business partners, consultants and our Istanbul/Pendik Shipyard, Kocaeli/Gölcük Shipyard Locations is Turquoise Yat Sanayi A.Ş.

2. Personal Information Collection Method:

Your personal information can be collected in electronic environment or by writing information down and speaking it out via automatically or manually through similar  other channels and by way of suppliers, business partners, contracted organizations, parties at the receiving end of services in the qualification of being extensions or completion of our company activities, integration systems, social media accounts, internet websites, all affiliated departments and Istanbul / Pendik Shipyard, Kocaeli/Gölcük Shipyard.

3. Legal Reasons and Processing Purposes of Collection of Personal Information:

3.1 Personal Information Collection Method:

There are various regulation provisions mainly the Acts including the Yacht Manufacturing Industry in which our Company operates mainly on the subject of receiving Personal Information of our customers.

Due to the reason that all of our customers are in the Quality of being Corporate, the Real People whom we process the Personal Information is Data owners within the scope of Representative of Corporate Clients:

3.2 Personal Information Collection Method:

There is a camera system for security reasons in our Istanbul/Pendik Shipyard, Kocaeli/Gölcük Shipyard Locations and other business departments that keep recording everything that goes on at those locations.  For security purposes names – last names, license plate numbers, T.R. identification information/ passport number, driver’s license number and hours of arrival and departure of the visitor who visits our Istanbul/Pendik Shipyard and Kocaeli/Gölcük Shipyard Locations get recorded; we also make records of T.R. identification information / passport number /driver’s license number, the information on the company that the person works in and hours of arrival and departure.

3.3  Party and Supplier Information Received within the Scope of Commercial Business Relationship:

Due to reason that our company has commercial business relationship such as purchasing commodity and receiving services, doing leasing, vehicle/common transportation, agency business with third persons; it receives personal information such as names and last names, T.R. Identification numbers, Id Card information, list of authorized signatures, contact information of the concerning people and parties and perhaps their information of license plate numbers, account numbers and such personal information according to quality of situation for the purposes of the discussions of contract, establishment and signing and proof of contract.

Since the business relationship may vary from person to person, all information stated above may not be in question for every real person and it may differentiate according to the character of work. Your personal information is processed for the intent of satisfying the legal provisions under legislation, provision of services of Yacht Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Raw Material Importation, Product Exportation and Customs and performance, execution, exercising, proof and development of transactions regarding aforementioned activities, reporting to customers, fulfillment of contracts you entered into / we entered into, development of statistic, customer satisfaction studies, establishment of security, development of commercial and business strategies, analyzing of services provided, conformity with regulation to prevent money laundering and conformity with the national and international regulations; conformity with saving information, reporting and informing obligations prescribed by Department of Internal Affairs, General Police Department, Local Authorities, Departments of Customs, Offices of Free Zones, Department of Finance, Internal Revenue Services, Department of Labor and Social Security and other authorities; performance of, if permitted by you, presentation, marketing and campaign activities towards those services and products; development of customized products and services and continuation of this.

According to Privacy Act, in case one of the counted requirements exists, it is possible to process the generally qualified personal information without having to ask for your permission;

a) Information being clearly prescribed in acts,
b) Information being mandatory / obligatory for protection of life and body integrity of self or another whose consent is not legally recognized or who is in a state that he/she is not able to state his/her consent due to physical impossibility
c) Processing personal information belonging to parties of contract being necessary with the condition of being directly related to establishment or performance of a contract,
d) Information being mandatory for person in charge of information to fulfill his/her legal responsibility,
e) Information being made public by the relevant person himself,
f) It being mandatory to process information for establishment, use and protection of a right,
g) Information being mandatory to be processed for legitimate interests of the person in charge of information with the condition of doing no harm to the fundamental rights and freedoms of related person.

It is necessary to receive a written promise of persons in charge of information in foreign country or having sufficient protection in the foreign country in order for conveying information to overseas,

4.  Persons / Organizations where Personal Information can be conveyed to:

Your personal information can be conveyed, to purposes indicated above, to parties and persons concerning of cargos / mail consignments, national and international affiliates of our company and their subsidiaries; their employees, company directors, their legal, financial and tax consultants, their auditors and the consultants, suppliers, subcarriers, agencies, business runners, banks and finance organizations that our company cooperates with and receives services being supplementary or extension quality of our company activities; authorities such as Department of Internal Affairs, Police Departments, Local Administrations, Pendik City Hall, Gölcük City Hall, Grand City of Kocaeli City Hall, Department of Customs, Customs Offices, Offices of Free Zones, Department of Finance, Department of Internal Revenue Services, Labor and Social Security Department and Social Security Organization and other departments, judicial offices within the legal frame being limited to the purpose and depending on the type of the personal information to organizations and companies where there is person or his consent is available and permitted by legislation provisions, to authorized public institutions and establishments such as other Departments, judiciary offices and administrative offices.       

5. Rights of Personal Information Owner:

According to 11th article of PDPL, you have the rights below regarding to your personal information; 

Applications regarding to your rights up until a different method is designated by the board, shall be made directly to company General Management Office address in writing. Fee may be received in the amount determined by the Board in it requires a separate processing cost.

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