A World of Technology & Discipline

A broker touring our facilities once remarked
“This is crazy - I’ve never seen a workshop with no dust on the floor!” 

Building a superyacht to tomorrow’s standards is only possible with the best of today’s processes & technology, and that is why both our Istanbul outfitting yard and Kocaeli hull+superstructure construction yard are home to some of the most impressive workflows in the industry.

Both facilities have direct access to the sea of Marmara for initial sea trials, and the combined capacity to have 9 builds in process simultaneously.


Our Istanbul HQ and shipyard is an impressive 25,000 m2 landscaped location capable of accommodating yachts up to 95m in length - and is used for interior decoration and finishing work. 

Turquoise’s Istanbul HQ is only 10 minutes from the nearest international airport, serving both commercial and private flights. Arrive in the morning and leave whenever you want. The time saving makes it easier to be hands-on with your yacht.


The Kocaeli shipyard 90 minutes drive away is located just across the bay of Izmit and has capacity for yachts up to 120m.
Its main function is the completion of steel and aluminium hull and superstructure work, as well as the installation of machinery and heavy piping. 

Turquoise’s yachts begin their life in Kocaeli, before being transferred via custom floating dock to Istanbul to take on their final form.

There's no place like (our) home

Istanbul: the world’s most accessible city. At the center of the global supply chain and the world’s 8th most visited city, Istanbul is the border between Europe and Asia. Upscale and exciting, this makes Istanbul the perfect place to build your yacht.
Firstly, it means both Turquoise yards are directly on the sea.
This allows for multiple seatrials and rapid feedback. It also means a return for maintenance work is easy, with no complex navigational routes required and no need to leave the Mediterranean.  
Further, both shipyards are surrounded by naval suppliers, shipping ports, docks and marine facilities as far as the eye can see. This makes solving problems or finding world-class supplies fast, easy.
Building a yacht is complex. There’s a lot about it that’s difficult. But Turquoise’s location? It just makes the whole thing much smoother.

Whether it's wandering the UNESCO world heritage sites of Sultanahmet, the high-end shops in Nişantaşı and Bebek, or local spots right near the shipyard in Pendik, there’s something for everybody in Istanbul.
Also nearby within the country are great spots for skiing, camping, rafting and more. As the 5th most visited tourist destination in the world, the city promises fun, adventure and great living for your build team during their time here. 

Come for building, stay for leisure. 

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