Your Message to the World

Good design is a language. It communicates, it entertains, it informs and it represents. This language is spoken loudest by the exterior lines of your yacht – the way it carries itself through the water and the way it stands over the bay in which it is anchored.

Your design speaks your message to the world.

You dream away. We’ll dream a way.

Being a true custom builder means you are the creative force behind your yacht, not us. We work actively with the top designers in the world including H2, Harrison-Eidsgaard, Ken Freivokh, Sinot and many more and we are always willing to work with new ones. Whether you want a rugged, masculine look or an elegant, artistic style as your design language, we make it real. 

M/Y Go spoke “water in motion” as its language, its long liquid curves harmonizing with its waterfall up top and its Turquoise hull colour underlining its philosophy. Blue II spoke the language of nostalgic exploration, starting its life as a “Motoryacht for a sailing yacht lover”.

We design, engineer and craft your yacht in-house.

Sometimes our work will surface points for you to consider beyond the initial design: would you rather store your tenders a different way for more stability, or have a wider bow to allow room for a larger gym? It’s our job to make your design elevate and not limit your experience onboard.

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs -

With the engineering of more than 70 hulls under our belt, optimization is our modus operandi.

Millimetre by millimetre we analyze how shapes and lines meet, how they will talk to the water and wind, how they will converse with your interior spaces and how all this will happen perfectly.

We exchange concepts and ideas and they take that, make it buildable - then Voila, it’s done. -Luiz de Basto, de Basto Designs


What makes a yacht silent? What makes it fast? What makes it efficient and what makes it reliable?

Most of the answers to these questions are concealed from the naked eye: deep in the engine room, hidden within the walls of far below the waterline. But as a complete shipyard, it's our job to engineer your yacht to perfection.


We make this possible by engineering in-house. Employing 80+ top engineers in our ultra-modern design office, we even carry out complicated procedures like computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and piping system design within our own walls - a rare sight.

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