Building the World’s Best Yachts

What makes a yacht silent? What makes it fast?
What makes it efficient and what makes it reliable?

Most of the answers to these questions are concealed from the naked eye: deep in the engine room, hidden within the walls of far below the waterline.
But as a complete shipyard, it's our job to engineer your yacht to perfection.


We make this possible by engineering in-house. Employing 80+ top engineers in our ultra-modern design office, we even carry out complicated procedures like computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and piping system design within our own walls - a rare sight.

The Benefits Are Substantial.

An owner once asked us, during a sea trial at night, when we would be departing. Imagine his shock when we told him we were already underway - his yacht was just that silent!  Because we keep naval architecture and engineering work in-house, we can interact with our builds and respond to your team’s requests much faster than other, assembly yards. When one client wanted to make sure he would always have super-high water pressure in his shower even if every other tap on the yacht was running simultaneously, we were able to run a complete analysis, select the required equipment and modify the piping layout within a single weekend!  As a matter of fact, we know that “in-house” raises quality and keeps costs under control. It enables you to enjoy the corners of the world with peace of mind.

The technical team is very proactive and they’re good communicators too!
- Ken Freivokh


This philosophy of in-house excellence is driven by innovation. Consider that we are the only superyacht shipyard in the world to own a spray fairing machine - which reduces our lead times by up to three weeks and means we only need one worker for the whole fairing process whereas other builders need multiple. In turn, this same philosophy also drives innovation and makes possible unique features that enable epic memories. Underwater lounge? No problem. Something wilder? Can do.


This young talent, working under the guidance of managers who have been with us for decades, is what makes us so capable. Some engineering processes the Turquoise team handles (such as the simulation for ensuring there are no overheating dead-zones in the engine room that will lower the reliability of a component) are ones which even some of the most advanced shipyards in the world simply cannot and do not perform.

There’s No Alternative To Multiple Alternatives

As with lowering noise + vibration levels, much of engineering is about the comfort of the owner, guests and crew. Because we are in-house, we are able at no extra cost to engineer multiple variations and alternatives of a single system, get feedback from our field production team, and make it not only optimal in the virtual world but buildable in the real world! In some cases, this leads to inventions of our own - for example the rubber component that we use to make hanging ceilings (which prevent vibration transfer between decks) is a Turquoise invention!

Team. Effort.

Our matrix-organized team keeps us efficient and spots problems before they arise. A close corporation between all our departments means nothing we do is purely theoretical. Every calculation is part of a greater plan, every technical plan is executed 1:1.
There are no conflicts between the drawing and the reality or the design and the production.
Innovation, engineering excellence, in-process quality control.
Out-performing, in-house.
Your Yacht, The Turquoise Way.
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