A World Within A World.

Every element is considered, every millimetre is inspected.

The word cosmos means “order” in ancient Greek. This root gives birth to the word cosmetic: “that which achieves beauty through order”.
When we build interiors, this understanding of order and beauty as intertwined necessities comes forefront.

Great materials can only become great interiors when they are expertly crafted, finished and joined by a skilled team of specialists. Our 15+ strong in-house interior department holds itself accountable to no less than a flawless execution of a yacht’s interior. Every element is considered. Every millimetre is inspected. Because quality is in perfect order – and your yacht is your universe.

Let the sparks fly.

An interior design starts with the layout – discovering what your priorities are, how you dream of using your yacht, how you envision living onboard, and what layout will help achieve that vision. Our focus at Turquoise Yachts is to work with designers and clients to not only maximize space onboard but to achieve seamless flow between spaces and their functionalities so that you can feel leisure, excitement and rest at the same time.

The entirety of your interior design is custom, from the carpets to the cutlery, and our in-house interior, design, engineering, production and quality teams collaborate to make sure what you see on paper is exactly what you get in real life. The Turquoise way of working means we don’t just solve for a solution on a computer screen, we head through our office door and onto the production floor.

“Turquoise is a very forward-thinking yard, and their expertise and energy is impressive. The yard’s flexibility to evolve and push technical boundaries has been a wonderful platform for our creativity. Our collaboration has surpassed high expectations and we look forward to working with the yard on many more exciting projects in the future.”

- Harrison-Eidsgaard

Turquoise Yacht's interior areas are known for expansiveness, flexibility of function, and "hundred-year" quality that charms & impresses. Our guiding philosophy in the use of space is to make it easier to spend your time onboard exactly the way you like.
We achieve this by meticulously planning & engineering the “behind-the-scenes” aspect of your yacht’s interior, from the tiny electric motor that drives the curtains to the weight distribution of your fixed and loose furniture.


Notable ideas & designs Turquoise has delivered in terms of use of space include Quantum of Solace's double-height atrium (one of only four in the world), and Blue II's World Superyacht Awards winning use of aft under-deck space for storage, freeing up the teak above for social use. 

But "Wow" interiors do not come about purely from great design & clinical execution. Turquoise has spent more than 4 decades perfecting the choice, sourcing and use of materials. Glossy marbles, lush carpets, vibrant teaks and luxurious metals sourced locally and globally find fruition at the hands of our in-house interior team and our dedicated partner in furnishing, Ulutaş. Our in-house team is home to 15+ interior experts and nests a dedicated marbles team.  


The use of materials must appeal to all the senses: comforting to the touch, pleasing to the eye. Resonating with superb flawlessness at every contour, line and reflection.

Lighting can make or break a yacht’s interior. One lumen too bright, and details are lost. One lumen too dark, and the yacht seems cramped.

We design holistically, with a focus on understanding how natural and artificial light will reflect, break and interact inside the yacht to create a place you love to spend the day in. Large windows and skylights invite in natural light at its own pace, allowing clients to disconnect from human-made time schedules and fall into the flow of nature and the cosmos. The thoughtful placement of bespoke windows means uninterrupted views are always present.

The electrical lighting onboard a Turquoise yacht is rarely just functional: but rather our chandeliers and other lighting ornaments serve as works of art. Take for instance 77m GO's groundbreaking “Sea Spray Chandelier” consisting of 468 separately blown ‘icicles’. The piece was built by famed glass artist Dale Chihuly and has been the story of many an editorial. We believe that through this artful approach, spaces onboard are elevated, and the quality of details is amplified.

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