We use cookies at our Web sites and e-mail messages for various purposes in order to present our services effectively and to develop our consumer experience. Also, we develop a way to share the experiences by our reliable partners and to make customer experiences in their Web sites more quality. This principle is described the cookies categories which we use (and using by our partners), for which purposes do these cookies use and how can you change your preferences?


The Cookies are small information pieces stored into hard disk of your computer by your browser. When you revisit your Web site every time, your Web browser sends cookies to us that you can login in order to match your area of interests and preferences or you can benefit from our services and thus it provides that we can customize your user experience.


The cookies which we used allow us to determine each consumer who revisits our site and thus there is no need that you enter same information more than one times. The cookies also help us to understand the density model of the visitors in our Web sites in order to make the availability quite practical.
Some cookies types using in our Web sites are as follows:
Basic cookies
The basic cookies can be used in order to provide the services that you request from our Web site. We are not able to provide the services to you which you requested without these cookies. For example, these cookies can be used for following purposes:

  • To ensure that you can access the safe zones of our Web site without requiring to login the service continuously,
  • In the same login, to remember the actions which you carried out before (such as to fill online forms) when you go to previous page,


The performance cookies can be used to collect information regarding how can be our Web site, announcements and e-mail messagesusedand to inform us when the error occurred. These cookies can be used to collect more detailed technical information such as the last visited page, number of visited pages, whether the e-mails have been opened or not, which part of our Web site or e-mails have been clicked and times passing between the clicks. As well, these information can be associated with details such as your IP address, domain or browser information, they can be analysed only by combining with other user’s information without going the way to define you directly.

For example, these cookies can be used in our Web sites for following purposes:

  • To analyse and to develop the performance and designs of our Web site, advertisings and e-mail messages,
  • To calculate the number of returns for our advertisings in order to improve our advertising efficiency,
  • To evaluate the errors occurred in our Web site in order to develop our service and to interest with the coming complaints,


We are able to get access to the directing cookies sent to your devices by the Web sites of our business partners. These cookies are used to determine each visitor directed to our Web site by our business partnersandto understand whether these visitor benefit from any of Turquoise Yachtsproduct or service or not. These informationcan be shared with our business partners provided that they should be anonymousand use in the manner that would be prevented to identify your identity directly.
We use this informationin order to fulfil the obligations that we have against our business partners in accordance with the agreement andto help our partners in development the activity of our partner’s Web sites.


We can use non obligatory functional cookies in order to activate various auxiliary features involved in our Web site.

For example, these cookies can be used in our Web site for following purposes:

  • To remember your preferences such as country/language, area of interest which you chose during your last visit and presentation of our Web site (order of Web pages, font size, colours etc.) in order not to require entering of these information every time,
  • To remember these answers in order not to require reanswering of the questions asked by our Web site such as participation to our customer satisfaction survey,
  • To determine whether presented a service such as online help to you before or not,
  • To supply information in order to allow the operation of optional service such as to track online video or to comment in the blog,


The cookies for target audience for advertising purpose can be used to present advertisings closest to your area of interest in our Web site. These cookies can be collected quite detailed information regarding your browser habits (which product and service you clicked) presented in the period when you are in our Web site. Also, these cookies can be used to recognize you when you revisit our Web site and/orone of Web site belonging to our advertising partner’s network.

For examples, these cookies can be used to collect information regarding Turquoise Yachts products and services which you surfed or examined in our Web site, thus:
they can present advertisings for Turquoise Yachts products and services which you view in the Web sites.

  • They can customize e-mail which you got and other direct marketing messages.
  • Our advertising partners are able to provide that you access to the advertisings on the other Web sites in their own advertising network for Turquoise Yachtsproduct and services which you viewed.
  • We can limit the number of the same advertising views as well as we are able to measure whether an advertising campaign is effective or not.


When using our Web site, some cookies which are not able to be controlled by Turquoise Yachts can be hidden in your computer. This situation occurs when there is a third party web site sourced content in the page which you visit and cause to record the cookies from the said third party services. However, no personal information is stored in these cookies unless you are not login into your account.
For example, the sources of these cookies can be these places:

  • YouTube or Facebook
  • Reliable operators
  • Paid Media Organizations
  • Marketing exercises of Turquoise Yachts

Turquoise Yachtsis not controlled storage these kinds of cookies or access to such cookies. You should examine privacy and cookies principles of these services in order to learn how the said third parties use these cookies.


Most of the browsers allow that you delete cookies from hard disk of your computer, prevent acceptance of cookies or get warning before storing of a cookies.


If you block or delete cookies, we may not able to restore your preferences or customization settings which you determined before andlimited to customise your online use.